Multibabydoll Custom Rock T-Shirts!

It’s only rock n’ roll baby!!! Order from or

Each design is handmade. We have only 1 piece for each design. Models are wearing small sizes. All products are in the Small-Medium ranges.




Distressed Black Safety Pin Top




Too Bad
Too Bad, musrademir tarafından photo posters ile yaratıldı


Reignwolf Spiderweb back T-Shirt



Reignwolf Galaxy


Snakepit Ripped T-Shirt



Metallica Destroyed T-Shirt



Ride The Lightning
Ride The Lightning, musrademir tarafından black home decor ile yaratıldı


Longline Crop Top




Marlon Brando Family Business Spider Web Back Top


Born In The U.S.A.
Born In The U.S.A., musrademir tarafından Givenchy ile yaratıldı


Metallica-And Justice For All… Racerback T-Shirt

Justice is lost. Justice is raped. Justice is gone.?


Metallica Grey


The Who Crop Top

We love The Who!


Grunge Is Not Dead!
Brit Chic
Brit Chic, musrademir tarafından leather handbags ile yaratıldı


Grunge Destroyed T-Shirt

Grunge is not dead!


Rock N' Roll All Night


Mick Jagger Longline Tank Top


Swagger Jagger


Guns N’ Roses Longline Top





Guns N' Roses Night



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