After such a long time, it was almost impossible for me to turn back to the interviews better than at this very moment. I mention the enjoyable interview that I had with Cory Younts. We have been already acquinted with him since Old Crow Medicine Show and Blunderbuss tour but after seeing his candid relations with his fans on social media, it is not possible to admire Mr.Cory Younts much more. (Those who see him live on the stage will understand me better. He is one of those who transmits his energy to the audiences.)

Smart, funny, attractive and energetic Cory Yount’s interview gave me inspiration. I am sure that you will enjoy it. Enjoy your reading !


First of all we would like to thank you very much for accepting to give an interview to Multibabydoll.  I can easily tell you that the music of Old Crow Medicine Show means peace and happiness for me. So, what does your music means for you?

Old Crow music means tradition for me. It’s old timey. It’s heritage. It’s historical. But most of all it’s fun!

Do you remember your first concert ?

Let’s see my first concert was Huey Lewis and the News. 1985 or 86.


Whom do you listen and get inspired?

All kinds of music. From Beethoven to bluegrass.



Except the Old Crow Medicine Show, we know you from your works together with Jack White. Your interaction with White and with the whole team on the stage is incredible. How did you meet and how did you get involved in this team?

I met Jack Lawrence around 2008 or 09. He saw me playing piano in a bar in Nashville. He came and sat down on the piano bench with me and we played and sang a few tunes. Then later that year i met Jack White at a Time Jumpers show. Eventually he got my number and i started doing sessions for some of the projects he’s produced. Then of course, i joined him on the Blunderbuss tour.



The lucky spectators who watch the concerts of Blunderbuss tour had the opportunity to witness to your wonderful performance. However in the Lazaretto tour, we could be able to see you only in Bonnaroo concert. Was there any special reason for this situation? As a person who have watched the İstanbul concert, I really would love you to see the spectator there.

When i joined Jack for the Blunderbuss tour (2012) Old Crow was on hiatus.They eventually started touring that summer. In 2013 both Remedy (Old Crow) and Lazaretto (Jack White) were made. I performed on both albums and was asked by both groups to tour. The decision was a hard one to make. I still work with both acts, though.



Do you have any memories that you can not forget during the tour days?

My fondest memories of the Blunderbuss tour are being with Ikey Owens. he and i were very close. Became inseparable. Constantly laughing and having a good time, no matter what the circumstance. I miss him every day. He was the best.



Do you still keep in touch with the Blunderbuss team?

Yes, i still keep in touch with those involved with the Blunderbuss tour team.

When looking at the projects you are involved in, you usually appeal to a very enthusiastic and crowded mass; therefore, accordingly the concerts that you take place are becoming quite energetic. So, when you are on the stage do you excited with the enthusiasm of this crowd or do you focus on music by falling into a trance completely independently from the environment?

Well it’s a combination of both. The more the crowd gives, the more i try to give. I prefer it when the concert is similar to a tug of war match. Haha!



You have an active and great relationship with your fans not only in your normal daily life but also in your social media accounts. In general this is not a feature that fans are so accustomed to. As far as I understand this interaction also make you pretty happy.

The social media thing is getting a little out of hand now. But i do like being able to speak to fans on (kind of) a personal level (social media). It seems to give people the idea that i’m some what approachable. Which i am.

What would you be if you were not a musician ?

If i were not a musician, i’d probably be a professional boy scout. That’s about the only other job(s) i’ve ever had AND ENJOYED.



What are you dealing with when you are not on stage or in the studio?

I usually just keep to myself when i’m not working. I enjoy my house, privacy, close friends, family, etc.

 We usually see you with a very crowded teams on the stage. Do you think working with so many people is an advantage or a disadvantage?

I’ve been in many bands/groups. Some consisted of 3, some 11. It really doesn’t matter to me how many folks i’m on stage with. I suppose the more the merrier. Haha!



For from now on what do you have on your agenda? In which projects we will see you?

Oh, i better not say what’s in store. There have been some projects i’ve been on recently and some plans for the future. Y’all will just have to wait and see.




So finally, if I ask you to give a secret of you which only the readers who will read this interview will be able to know it ?

That is no personal secrets. Hahaha!








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