What You Need for a Fresh Start This Fall

A new season means new beginnings! So, are you ready to “re-brand” yourself? At this point, you can enter the new season renewed and refreshed with the suggestions we will give you. 

From the cleanings you need to do in your life to new routines; here are the micro steps you need to take with the new season in your life… 

Check The Products You Use On Your Skin 

Due to the fact that the products applied to the skin can mix with the blood circulation; It is very important to know what you are putting on your skin. The truth is, many cosmetic products do not require FDA approvals. So the thousands of companies and people we have left are putting false or exaggerated information on their products and sites. 

For example, a product may contain a commonly marketed ingredient, but the active contains such a small concentration that it does not actually provide any benefit. 

Therefore, search the applications and websites where you can find out whether the ingredients of the skin care products or make-up materials you buy will be good for your skin, whether they are risky for your health, active ingredients and many details. 

“Cleansing” On Your Body 

It might not be bad to go for a little “cleansing” on your body. It is possible to make this process enjoyable with drinks such as Earl Gray or herbal teas. 

Of course, we never talk about or recommend crash diets. What we are talking about is stimulating your metabolism during the day with fluid consumption. 

Wardrobe Detox 

Now it’s time to make a wardrobe detox! In fact, as well as seeing which clothes you need to wear (and cleaning those who have occupied for years); This kind of Marie Kondo wardrobe detox will also have a great impact on your mental health. 

Remove everything in your wardrobe; Take 10 items at a time and put them on the bed. Look at the quality of each item – torn? Is it pale? – And decide very quickly whether you love or if you need to go. It is very important to make your wardrobe tidy in this way, because it gives you the opportunity to look at every item. 

Earl Gray Ritual For a Comfortable Sleep 

You can sleep comfortably with herbal Earl Gray teas. Moreover, this little ritual that you will add to your sleep routine every night before going to bed; it will make you feel better. 

Be The Person We Once Needed 

If you can look at the past from a calmer perspective, in these situations you can become the adult you needed as a child. Maybe like the adult you need but don’t have or don’t hesitate to ask your parents to have; You become the person you need to talk to about problems. Someone who seeks comfort, understanding and compassion. 

You can be that person for yourself. You are that person. You can completely rejuvenate your relationship with YOU. 

Restoring the relationship with yourself completely replaces the previous tendency to negative self-talk. As the adult you needed as a child; You can now stop reducing who you are to your present value. You had a value back then, you just didn’t know it. We all do this, we just struggle to see it, especially when we’re always trying to fit in. And when we try to be like others, we often forget to be like ourselves. 

You may not be the best thing since a box of chocolates – that goes for everyone and all of us – we’re all just people trying to deal with everything that comes our way. Only when we can take steps to re-establish our relationship with ourselves will we reach our best version of ourselves. When we are younger, we become exactly who we need to be, leaving behind any experiences that once brought fear or shame into our young lives. 

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