Interview with the coolest model: Caspar Peteus

I’ve talked to many people who are in fashion sector. I can recently post all these on my blog, but Caspar Peteus is definitely the most different one among them.
He takes firm steps forward to be an inspiration source with his display on cameras, his presence on runway and his other works.
I can easily understand from his answers that he is not pretending cool, he is cool!
He is a lot more different than his colleagues with his modest, producing, fun, creative and artist character.
These compliments are not just because I was impressed his presence in runway or a photo frame. As long as you read his answers and catch on his understanding of life, I believe that you are going to agree with me.
With all these, I am sure that we are going to hear more often about him in the upcoming years. Now you are one step closer to get to know him well, Caspar Peteus:



First of all, thank you so much for accepting Multibabydoll’s interview request.

Are you one of those who dislike telling himself or talk about your thoughts?

I like interacting with people and sharing my thoughts, but it might take a little while to get to know me. I go into deeper conversations when i feel comfortable and when i feel like the person/persons is a good listener and are genuinely interested. Some people talk a lot, but they don’t talk with you. If i feel like its going in one ear and out the other i don’t bother wasting my time. I think i have a quite high integrity level towards myself.

Beyond the beginning story of modeling, I wonder about how you decided it. Did you start doing this job for a better life or did your desire of journey and learning different things from different countries force you to do this job?

I was first scouted in London when i was 16, but i didn’t pursue. Went to New York about 2 years ago and got picked up by an agency here. New York has always been interesting to me so this time i ran with it. Now i live here.



Is there anything hard for you about modeling?

Wouldn’t say anything about it is really hard, not for me personally. Its probably the most easygoing job I’ve ever had.


Did your job have any effects on changing your friends or do you still have the oldies?

I’ve met a lot of really interesting people the last couple of years through the business.  I’ve met a few people that are golden that i meet more regularly. But my old friends from back home won’t ever change.


I strongly believe that you have a talent for painting apart from modeling, what are your inspirations?

My inspiration comes from so many sources, i can’t point to one or a just few things. It can literally be anything, any thoughts. I dream a lot, day and night, so i guess a lot comes from within. Im very much into aesthetics, shapes and forms, details of things. I like things that look really, really good.



What are you trying to show to people with your paint works? Your inner world or what you want to express?

I have yet to figure that a out. Maybe i won’t. I think the people i surround myself with might have a better answer than me. I just love to create.


Who are your favourite designers?

Vivienne Westwood. Dries Van Noten, Juun J and Thom Browne, his creations is off the charts.


I have always thought that men’s fashion has a limited creating space, have you ever disliked any clothes that you wear or reflected this feeling during a shooting?

Can’t say i ever disliked the clothing, however it might be pieces i wouldn’t buy or wear. I prefer to work with styles out of the ordinary. Its more fun working with crazy sets than plain stuff.



What’s the difference between being on the stage and being in front of the camera? Which one makes you more nervous?

Runway is more intense, a lot of preparation. You’re out there for about 30 seconds. When your shooting its more focus on you as a person, its a bit more relaxed. Cant say that I’m nervous anymore. I got used to it pretty quickly, but the runway can be a quite thrilling sometimes.


Your job requires to travel a lot of cities. Which city is the most unforgettable one for you?

Other than New York, I’d say Santiago Chile was quite a trip. We were shooting up in the mountain ranges in a winter wonderland.


When your long hair and Swedish famous musicians are considered, you might be thought of a rockstar. Are you interested in music and would you like to be a musician one day?

I listen to music as much as i can, constantly looking for new stuff. Most of my friends are deep into music and creating music themselves, so music is important to me and something i cherish. I have a lot of ideas but i haven’t  been serious enough with it. I wish i was better with computers so i could put my ideas into form.


Do you have any other talents except painting and modeling?

I played tennis for 14 years. I was competing a lot and wanted to become pro one day. Friends say I’m pretty good at impersonating people and imitating dialects and such.   I’m quite good at sewing and tailoring aswell. I made a blazer in ground school.  I make great sauces and dressings.


Do you think that your drawings could be an inspiration for any collections or would you prefer to keep them separate?

I would like to work in any aspect of creativity or any art form. I have a few ideas for clothing and textiles that would be really rad.


I think that you have a rebellious aspect in modeling. You are being considered as Jax Teller of the stages (leading role of Sons Of Anarchy TV series). Are you really rebellious or it looks like that only while shooting?

Very often they use me for that style and character, i guess my look is quite different so i i do a lot of jobs where they want something quite specific. I think i’d like to be more free and “rebellious” than i am. But it depends on who you ask. Some people think I’m crazy, others think I’m very calm and collected. Bottom line for me is to stay true to yourself and do what you believe in.


What are your favourite songs when you listen during journeys or paintings?

 Recently I’ve been listening day and night to Intergalactic FM, the worlds best radio for electro/electornic/wave/house/techno/acid music etc etc. But it’s always different depending on what state of mind I’m in at the moment. It has to move me in some way.


Would you consider giving up on modeling and starting to work behind the scene?

I have a few friends that are photographers so I’ve been working behind the scenes a few times. Recently worked as a set director for a shorter fashion film.


How do you describe your clothing style?

Effortless. I like to wear quite simple stuff, but that are well made and comfortable. I appreciate fine fabrics and designers, but i think style is more about how you carry yourself than what brand you’re wearing. People staying true to themselves always look the best!


I had carried out a short survey before I had interview with you; and almost all the men have persistently requested me to ask you about how your nutrition is or what sports you do which means they envy your appearance. How do you keep fit?

I workout in the gym every morning, about 6 days a week. I’m not following any diet or anything, but I’m trying to stay away from sugar and shitty fast food. I was a very active kid growing up, playing all kinds of sports, so I have a need to utilize my body in order to stay sharp and mentally sane.



When I asked the girls, your hair was pointed out mostly. Do you consider about cutting it off or doing a brave change on your appearance?

I don’t have any plans on cutting it off as of now, i still like it. I guess one day i want a change, but that day has yet to come.

Can you give Multibabydoll a secret which is known by noone?

If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself 🙂




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