An effective interview with Sweet Savage!


If I’d make a list of the groups that I’ve met lately but become a fan quickly, it would be never-ending; but I would add Sweet Savage to the tops for sure. Frontman of Sweet Savage, which gobsmacked me with their live performance and energy in 2012 Tuborg Goldfest and enshrined in my heart after that, responded my questions. Here is the quick but effective and a perfect example of Rock’n Roll style interview with Ray Haller, the frontman of the band which is one of those that inspires Metallica.

The only thing I can say for you, your energy was admiring in Tuborg Goldfest! Sweet Savage performance was one of the best moments of the festival for me. It has already been 2 years, but I have to ask that; how did you find your audience in Turkey?

The audience in Turkey where amazing. So responsive and so good to us. The Turkish people are so lovely, and your country is so beautiful . We loved it.


Do you have any incoming tour plans for Turkey? Would you consider about coming here again?

We are hoping to go back to Turkey this year and yes we would love to go back. For both festivals and clubs.


There had been many changes in Sweet Savage since it was founded, have you ever got desperate about Sweet Savage?

I am never desperate about Sweet Savage. It is sometimes very hard to keep a band together. People get pissed doff touring etc. Trev Fleming died and Viv Campbell joined Def Leppard.


 Have rock music changed positively from past to present, or do you miss the old rock world?

No I don’t miss the old days. Sometimes it’s good to look back. But touring is much easier now. I think Rock music is in great shape at the moment. It has to change to keep it fresh and get new followers. I love all rock music.


 What’s the biggest difference between today’s Sweet Savage and 80’s Sweet Savage?

Today’s Sweet Savage is much more hi tech, playing wise and work wise. The songs are shorter and Gutair solos are not as long. We dont write our songs around solos anymore. Now we try to write short hard hitting songs which are a bit more catchy.

Which audience has impressed you most so far?

I love playing in front of every audience in every part of the world. Every gig and audience is brilliant in different ways. I just love playing and I am just so happy that people will stand and listen to us.


What’s your favourite song to perform lively in concerts?

I love the new songs especially Regenerator or Powder Monkey, but I also love playing Killing Time. It’s such a great feeling that Metallica recorded and play our song.


Killing Time performances with Metallica are awesome. In case that they love Sweet Savage that much and they are inspired by Sweet Savage, I wonder about which song of Metallica is your favourite…

I love Metallica. I love all the big songs. But when I’m driving I love to play Fuel, I just love that song.


 If you weren’t a Rockstar, what would you do now?

I think if I didn’t play music I would have to work in the music business , manager , or agent or something like that…


Are there any new albums soon?

We are recording a new record as I write this . Hope to release it mid June.



Except for being a Rockstar, what does Ray Haller do in his life?

I like to go to the gym, play football go mountain biking. And I like cooking and eating and drinking. I like to party and I love going to art galleries…


What are your plans for 10 years later from today? And where?

In 10 years I hope I am still playing Rock n Roll, if not I will be doing something in the music industry. I think I will be back in Ireland. Ireland is home and I love it. We have lots of Turkish people here and they love it too, even though the weather is shit. And it is always shit…


Can you give us a secret which can only be learnt by this interview’s readers?

A Rock n Roll secret. I’m an Elvis fan!






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