Soundgarden is heading to Istanbul to play %100FEST!

There are bigger reasons for me to love double-digit years…

I will definitely not talk about how bad 2013 was, but we’ve started to get the first signals of that 2014 will be great.

Concert of Metallica is the best of these signals, we have all paid for it, voted for songs, started to wait but big news arrived in this week, Soundgarden is in Istanbul on 6th of June!


There are rare groups that affected my life and Soundgarden is one of them. They have a slow but absolute effect on my life because I’ve been having rough times. They have always been there for me, literally.

I didn’t regard as possible that they would come. I thought that I could do nothing except watching Lollapalooza concert, Rock Am Ring performance etc. but %100Fest has made my dreams come true.

Alright, festival’s name makes you say “wtf?” at first, but anyway, I don’t care about the rest of the festival when Soundgarden is in it. They also have higher standings just because they are bringing Soundgarden.

I would brutally kill all my future children to go to this concert which will take place in Küçükçiftlik Park, make sure that. Since that is not an option, I decided to kill my education by not going to the next day’s university exam.

What could be more important than singing along Black Hole Sun with thousands of people? Or seeing Chris Cornell? Maybe saying a “hi”?

Joking apart, my wishes fort hat night is listening to Badmotorfinger and Superunknown more than the other songs. I want 4th of June, Outshined, Like Suicide and Slaves and Bulldozers to dispread through the sky. I am not very keen on listening to King Animal, but it would be good if we listened Non State Actor or By Crooked Steps.



I would have daydreamed about Alice In Chains and Pearl Jam also came to this festival but all of us and our imaginary friends know that this is not gonna happen. That’s why it would be logical to buy one-day ticket even though the prices are uncertain. However, I believe that the tickets will not be very expensive… With all my good faith…

I would prefer watching Soundgarden in Parkorman, but I am sure that they will change the atmosphere of Küçükçiftlik Park with their energy, otherwise is unimaginable. iTunes concerts create a little dissapointment but it is still in “their own standards”. I have always believed in Turkish audiences’ energy, Soundgarden grows prodigiously with interaction. I bet that, from now on, 6th of July is going to be unforgettable experience for all of us.

By the way, after the prime news, I will increase the frequency of warm-ups and publish a Soundgarden examination.

What was I saying? 6th of June, please come…

PS: Thanks Mert Celebi for English translation!



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